• PWM & IGBT advanced technology
  • 5 Welding mode optional as DC MMA | DC TIG | AC TIG| Pulse TIG | AC Pulse TIG
  • DC TIG – DC positive connection (workpiece connected to positive , welding torch to negative) is used, which has the advantages of stable and concentrated arc, less damage to the tungsten electrode, relatively large welding current, and narrow and deep welds.
  • AC TIG – Adjust the cleaning Knob to clean the oxide film, maximum penetration and minimum rungsten loss.
  • Pluse TIG -The base current is used to maintain the ionization channel of the main arc, anda pulsed arc is generated by periodically adding a high peak pulse current of the same polarity to melt the metal and control the droplet transfer.
  • AC Pulse TIG -Pulse and AC mode are mixed to obtain a more perfect welding process.

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